by Claudia Acquistapace

I am a lucky person. As it often happens, lucky people tend to forget how lucky they are. And, not even in this I’m an exception.

Luckily again, in my job, like in many others, you are supposed to tell the other people what you have been doing, and thanks to this sometimes time demanding duty, it happens that you think about your work, and you finally realize, again, how lucky you are.

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Huge preambol, right, just for saying that the experience at Zugspitze, Scheenfernzentrum, (DE), was so rich for me, and gave me so much, not only in scientific terms, that it’s hardly possible to summarize in a brief text.

Why? Good question. Ok, I will start from the basic... quite obviously, I had the opportunity of learning how to do instrument maintenance in extreme conditions: 3000 mt, strong wind, cold... freezy weather to use screwdrivers, trust me.

In addition to that, I had the chance to see one of the highest research centers in Europe, and to work there, learn about the operating instruments in the site, how they work and what they measure. Well, when you are at 3000 mt altitude, also easy things can be in some way problematic.

Anyhow, this is just a little part of the story. There’s much more than this, Live together with colleagues, cook together, talk, share the same space for a week and see how human relations can simply get deeper when you are in a special environment.

It’so simple, and so deep, so important. Thanks to the mountains that created that magic, (could not stop looking at the skyline of the Alps, full of snow), thanks to my colleagues, for giving me the possibility of getting to know more each one of them. And, here are some pics, I hope they will help you in understanding what I’m talking about.

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