by Stefanos Samaras

Recently I paid a visit in DLR, a.k.a. German Aerospace Center in Neustrelitz, a town located in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. I spent a week there to meet Tom Rother, a Senior Scientist and discuss with him and his collegues several topics directly related to my research regarding the microphysics of non-spherical particles.

Stefanos DLF 2Tom (and his team), being one of the very few experts who have developed a non-spherical particle scattering software and database, shared with me the ideas and the developing concept behind this 15-year-long project to meet at this time a variety of applications, which was at very least higly motivational. As my work involves complex calculations of scattering efficiencies, this software will ideally prove a valuable time saver. The wide range of applicability of such a sophisticated software needs one to be focused on what one wants to do in order to be useful for one’s work and this is the first issue one has to resolve. During this week not only did I learn more about the latter but also many details about what lies behind the algorithms for different application scenarios.

Fascinating philosophical talks about physics were also a part of our after-lunch relaxing coffee breaks, mostly triggered in view of Tom’s oncoming new book in which he tries to describe any cause and effect with appropriate Green’s functions with ultimate purpose to link modern and classic physics.

In general I think that it was an interesting and fulfilling visit and I left with the hope of a deeper future cooperation. Neustrelitz is a very beautiful place built in barock style and overcrowded by lakes, many of which I had the chance to visit and for chill out evening walks.

Stefanos DLR


I am very thankful to Tom Rother for the hospitality and support and to his colleague Karsten Schmidt for his kindness and eagerness to help me.




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