STAZHThe new lidar station located at the St.Petersburg State University was accepted in 2013 as a new member of the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network (EARLINET). The Bucharest lidar station at INOE was assigned as a tutor to guide this new station in implementing EARLINET’s quality assurance program, procedures and standards.

As a part of the collaborative activities between Romanian and Russian stations, it was my task to transfer the expertise gained at the host (INOE), and to organize the first steps to integrate the new group.

In July 2014 I went to the St. Petersburg State University and worked with Maxim Sapunov, the operator of the station, for one week. The scope was to implement the specific instrumental tests (telecover and Rayleigh fit), as well as to exchange expertise in lidar data processing. We performed measurements and worked on the interpretation of the data. As an additional activity I gave a presentation sharing my experience about the usage of the data from co-located instruments such as: lidar, sunphotometer and microwave radiometer. For me, this experience was useful because I had the chance to consolidate my knowledge in operating different lidar systems, and to compare two different algorithms for data processing. Another important aspect was the team work at the St. Petersburg State University, and the opportunity to act as a link between this new station and EARLINET.

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