ITaRS video: How does a cloud form?

Stefan Kneifel from the University of Cologne developed a youtube video on clouds together with María Barrera Verdejo and Susanne Crewell.

ITaRS Exhibitor Interview from MTX2015

Video with interviews with Susanne Crewell, Robert Banks and Athina Argyrouli at the ITaRS booth at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2015 in Brussels. (02/2016)

ITaRS presents itself on

EOS published an article on the opportunities for young atmospheric sciences in the ITaRS programme written by our fellow Robert Banks. (02/2016)

ITaRS publication chosen for EOS research spotlight

The portal features Gabriele Corbetta's publication on cloud overlaps in their Research Spotlight Section. The article was published in the Geophysical Research letters in 2015. (12/2015)

Article on International Portal of the University of Cologne

Susanne Crewell, Herman Russchenberg, Claudia Acquistapace, Xinxin Busch Li and Umar Saeed contributed to an article on the international portal of the University of Cologne. (11/2015)

European Researchers' Night: Outreach event in Athens

Athina Argyrouli presented ITaRS and her PhD project at the Researchers Night of the National Technical University of Athens. (09/2015)

ITaRS in Meteorological Technology International

An interview with Susanne Crewell and María Barrera Verdejo. (08/2015)

Fellows contributed to Wikipedia

As part of their outreach activities, the fellows contributed to four Wikipedia articles in four groups. (07/2015)

Sharing the value of atmospheric measurements with elementary school students

A fellows-driven outreach project by INOE and NTUA. (06/2015)

CNR-IMAA Newsletter on Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (in Italian)

With contributions of Pilar Gumà-Claramunt and Nicolae Ajtai. (06/2015)

La voce dei giovani ricercatori: esperienze a confronto ("The voice of young researchers: Comparing experiences")

Following Cosimo Lacava's letter to the Italian president, CNR-IMAA organized a meeting on the situation of young researchers in Italy and abroad. ITaRS-fellow Pilar Gumà-Claramunt contributed with a talk on her experiences. (06/2015)

ITaRS in Meteorological Technology International

The International Review of Weather, Climate and Hydrology Technologies and Services announces ITaRS' participation at their World Expo in October 2015. (04/2015)


ITaRS in the EU-Database CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service)

Article in TU Delft Newsletter

ACCEPT campaign in Cabauw with participation of ITaRS-fellows Lukas Pfitzenmaier, Alexander Myagkov, Edouard Martins and Pilar Gumà-Claramunt (10/2014)

Schnupperuni für Mädchen ("Taste Natural Science" for German school girls at the University of Cologne)

ITaRS fellows Xinxin Busch Li, Claudia Acquistapace, and Maria Barrera Verdejo joined the science school for highschool students

Notice in daily newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger (in German)

The Cologne-based newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger reports on the 2nd ITaRS Summer School (09/2014).

Press Release 2nd Summer School (in German)

The Research Center Jülich reports on the 2nd ITaRS Summer School in their monthly messages (09/2014).

Press Release 2nd Summer School (in German)

The University of Cologne published a press release on the occation of the 2nd ITaRS Summer School (09/2014).

Article in the daily newspaper Kathimerini (in Greek)

The Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini reports in its ecology section on the HygrA-CD campaign, organized by Alexander Papayannis and Athina Argyrouli (05/2014).

Waterlab Delft (in Dutch)

Edouard Martins and three students from TU Delft deploy callibrated weather stations in high schools in the cities of Rotterdam and Delft (05/2014).

Portrait of an ITaRS fellow on Zeit Online (in German)

Claudia Acquistapace was interviewed by the German online magazine Zeit Online about her experiences as a mentee in the Cornelia Harte Mentoring Programme (05/2014).

ITaRS Videos

The participants of the ITaRS Summer School in Bucharest have produced four short movies to explain their science to a general public (02/2014).

Press Release Mid-term Review Meeting

The University of Potsdam published a press release on the occasion of the ITaRS Mid-term Review Meeting (02/2014).

Portal Wissen Potsdam (page 54-55)

The Science Magazine of Potsdam University publishes a portrait of Christine Böckmann's research (01/2014).

ITaRS Summer School Bucharest

A science show for school kids (10/2013)

Science Fair "The other school"

The Romanian Atmospheric Observatory opened its doors a whole week for school kids. Lev Labzovsky contributed to the hands-on training of natural sciences (04/2013).

ITaRS start-up Workshop Athens

A debate between Master students and the ITaRS fellows on climate change (02/2013)

Wissenschaftsrallye Bonn

Gabriele Corbetta, María Barrera Verdejo and Claudia Acquistapace contributed to the Science Rally Bonn (02/2013)

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