# Researcher and Project Title Host

Lev Labzovsky Modification of aerosol optical properties due to humidity using lidar and microwave radiometer

INOE/ University of Bucharest, Romania


Umar Saeed Atmospheric-Boundary-Layer Height Retrieval using Microwave Radiometer and Lidar Sensors: Algorithms and Error Estimation

UPC, Spain

ESR3 Pilar Gumà Claramunt Synergy between Doppler radar and Raman lidar for aerosol investigation CNR-IMAA, Italy
ESR4 Stefanos Samaras Microphysical retrieval of aerosol parameters using multi-wavelength lidar and depolarization signals University of Potsdam, Germany
ER5 Ioannis Binietoglou Influence of long-range transported aerosols on air quality from in situ and remote sensing data INOE/ University of Bucharest, Romania
ESR6 Sophia Schäfer Cloud-radiation parameterisations based on 3D radiative transfer and sensor synergy University of Reading, UK
ESR7 Lukas Pfitzenmaier Observation of crystal habits and sizes in ice / mixed phase clouds TUDelft, The Netherlands

Alexander Myagkov Investigation of ice formation in mixed-phase clouds based on combined radar and lidar observations

TROPOS Leipzig, Germany
ER9 Edouard Martins Multi-sensor evaluation of cloud-radiation processes

TUDelft, The Netherlands


Claudia Acquistapace The Detection of Autoconversion Processes in Clouds using Ground-Based Passive and Active Microwave Sensors

University of Cologne, Germany
ESR11 María Barrera Verdejo Synergy of raman lidar and microwave radiometry for high vertically resolved temperature and water vapor profiles
University of Cologne, Germany
ESR12 Athina Argyrouli Study of the planetary boundary layer and its influence on cloud properties National Technical University of Athens, Greece
ESR13 Robert Banks Assessment of planetary boundary-layer schemes with advanced remote sensing instruments and air quality modelling UPC, Spain

Xinxin Li Statistical assessment of aerosol influence on cloud properties

University of Cologne, Germany

Nicolae Ajtai Aerosol-cloud interaction in the twilight zone



Jordi Tiana-Alsina Signal processing wind-lidar performance assessment (NEPTUNE) and synergetic-instrument ABL and WV-retrieval

UPC, Spain