Lukas Pfitzenmaier -TARA Cabauw smallIn the scientific field of mixed phase clouds are many questions that still have to be answered. One of the main question is how ice particles grow by up-taking water from the liquid phase within mixed phase clouds. In the middle latitudes this processes are one of the most efficient processes for precipitation formation.

To understand the interaction processes of the two phases within mixed-phase clouds better the liquid and the ice phase have to be studied in parallel and defined within the cloud. The topic of my PhD is focused on the observation of particle growth processes within mixed phase clouds involving the two phases.

To study such processes the microphysical propertiesLukas Pfitzenmaier - CAELI Cabauw small of the hydrometeors (liquid water content (LWC), ice water content (IWC), shapes, droplet size distribution) have to be retrieved and their changes studied. The studies are based on the TU-Delft owned Transportable Atmospheric Radar (TARA). TARA is a full parametric profiling S band precipitation radar that is used to characterize the ice-phase within the mixed-hase clouds. Complementary measurements will be taken into account, such as the Raman-lidar Caeli to measure the liquid phase, and a microwave radiometer to measure liquid water path (LWP) and ice water path (IWP). All the instruments are located and run at Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research (CESAR).

So research is done to close gaps between theory and observations, as well as to provide information for better parameterisations of particle growth processes and of mixed-phase clouds in models. The thesis will focus on creating an observational setup for mixed-phase cloud growth processes characterization.