by Pilar Gumà-Claramunt


The final workshop of the regional project OSCAR (Observation System for Climate Application at Regional scale) was held in Potenza on 20th January 2016.

This project aimed at the design of a portable prototype system for the study of correlations among the trends of several Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) and the change in the amount of solar radiation incident at the ground level. Its final goal was to provide a user-friendly low cost solution for the quantification of the impact of regional climate variability on the device efficiency for the exploitation of natural sources (i.e. solar energy), and on the occurrence of severe meteorological weather events as well as of huge dust outbreaks over the Mediterranean Basin.

The ITaRS fellow Pilar Gumà-Claramunt contributed to the workshop with a talk about the giant aerosols effects on the precipitation in the Basilicata region.

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