Master of Science in Physics
Gabriele Corbetta



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Gabriele Corbetta

Research Project

Investigating cloud sub-grid variability from scanning micro-wave radiometer and cloud radar

Clouds play a key role in hydrological cycle and radiative transfer. However, they usually occur on a sub-grid scale in respect of most general circulation models, thus parameterizations based on assumptions and observations are needed. 

Aim of this project is the investigation of macro-physical cloud parameterizations, such as cloud fraction and cloud overlap: long-term ground-based observations will be used to assess how reliable  these parameterizations are and derived cloud overlap metrics will be  used to validate LES simulations.

Besides, this PhD aims also at implementing and assessing new observational techniques based on a synergy of ground-based scanning cloud radar and microwave radiometer, which may eventually lead to improved parameterizations. Cloud radar scans can provide information on the 3D-structure of clouds, on liquid water content, on the phase of cloud droplets and even on turbulence within the cloud itself; microwave radiometer can add further information on liquid water path.  Domers 270413 1719 BISA short secondment to METEK, the cloud radar manufacturing company, will help optimizing scanning patterns and operational parameters.

Long-term observations carried out at the Jülich ObservatorY for Cloud Evolution (JOYCE) facilities will be used to derive  3D fields of cloud occurrence with a high
spatial resolution (100m) for domains of about 20km, which will be used as input in a 3D radiative transfer model currently being developed at the University of Reading, where a secondment is also scheduled. 


Curr. Vitae


  • 2010: Master's degree in Physics (curriculum: Environmental Physics) University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) Thesis title: The emission of corona ions from high voltage powerlines, their attachment to atmospheric aerosols and dispersion around obstacles.
  • 2009: Internship (Master's thesis preparation) Human Radiation Effect Group, University of Bristol (UK)
  • 2007: Bachelor's degree in Physics University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)