by Umar Saeed

I was in Cologne during August and it has been a very nice and good learning experience. During this stay of one month in Cologne I have worked on microwave radiometer data which is available on the university of Cologne servers. The focus has been to learn and understand the development of diurnal cycle of atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) based on the data from 20.04.2013. We chose this day because there are several radio-sonde launches on this day which means more data and also because there is a quite nice evolution of ABL on this day. Moreover the sensitivity of measured brightness temperature to the ground temperature, boundary layer height and temperature gradient in the free troposphere was also studied.

Many thanks to Prof. Susanne Crewell, Uli Löhnert, Mario, Gabriele, Maria, Claudia and other group members at the UCOL for their hospitality and support in making this visit interesting and useful for me.