by Athina Argyrouli

While looking for patriotic clouds in Greece, I spent one week in Crete, in the well-known Finokalia station, part of the ACTRIS network. Sitia UAV smallThe field campaign called CHARADMexp has been taking place there since June 20th with main scientific objective the characterization of aerosol mixtures of marine and dust origin. My interest has been focused on retrieving the vertical aerosol fluxes in the marine PBL by combining an aerosol Raman lidar with a wind lidar. To the best of my knowledge, this has not been done in the cloudy PBL yet and the clouds developed over Crete during this period offer unique cases for investigation.

Finokalia Station smallFor the smooth evolution of the campaign and the promising research outcomes, I want to acknowledge, for its motivating spirit, the CHARADMexp team; consisting of several scientists from both national and European institutes under the coordination of Dr. Vassilis Amiridis. The physical presence of Dr. Dirk Schuettemeyer (ESA), main funding contributor to this campaign, demonstates the importance and the arisen scientific potential of the collected dataset.