logo HygrA-CD

by Athina Argyrouli

The National Technical University of Athens with the support of INOE 2000, UPC Barcelona and University of Cologne is organising a field campaign in Athens, Greece for the period May 15th - June 15th. The scientific motivation of this experiment is driven by the uncertainties on the formation of cloud droplets by condensation. Certainly, aerosols which are prone to water uptake, have the ability to form cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). In particular, further information about the goals and instrumentation network of HygrA-CD (From Hygroscopic Aerosol to Cloud Droplets) campaign can be found in our website. If you are interested to know more about our outcomes or want to have a visit in Athens while the campaign takes place, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!