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Meteorological Technology World Expo 2015, Hall 3, stand 3150

Tuesday, October 13

10:15h Xinxin Busch Li (University of Cologne, Germany)

The observation of the first aerosol indirect effect on clouds

10:45h Stefanos Samaras (University of Potsdam, Germany)

Microphysical aerosol parameters via regularized inversion of LIDAR data

11:15h Lukas Pfitzenmaier (TU Delft, the Netherlands)

Why does it rain? Ice particle growth within clouds

11:45h Athina Argyrouli (NTUA, Greece)

Cloud-topped Planetary Boundary Layer

13:15h María Barrera Verdejo (University of Cologne, Germany)

Lidar and microwave radiometry synergy for thermodynamic profiling

13:45h Umar Saeed (BarcelonaTech, Spain)

Synergetic lidar and microwave radiometer for atmospheric boundary-layer height

14:15h Sophia Schäfer (University of Reading, UK)

3D cloud-radiation interaction

14:45h Pilar Gumà-Claramunt (CNR-IMAA, Italy)

Joint lidar and radar aerosol observations

15:15h Robert Banks (BarcelonaTech, Spain)

Applications of remote sensing for improvement of air quality forecasts over Europe

15:45h Ioannis Binietoglou (INOE, Romania)

Remote sensing synergies for dust model evaluation

16:15h Nicolae Ajtai (CNR-IMAA, Italy)

Aerosol-cloud interaction in the twilight zone

16:45h Alexander Myagkov (TROPOS, Germany)

35-GHz cloud radar with hybrid polarimetric mode

by Umar Saeed

IMG 2447During the month of August, 2015, I completed a combined secondment to the University of Cologne and RPG. I spent 2 weeks at RPG and a week and a half at the University of Cologne.

The two weeks at RPG were a great learning experience in terms of the industry standards and practices. I was given an orientation of the company and Microwave Radiometer instrument. Several training sessions and meetings with Mr. Harry Czekala and Mr. Thomas Rose were of great educational value for the understanding of practical considerations related to the instrument and information retrieval.

Program12 17 final

by Claudia Acquistapace

sec clau McGill

My secondment at the McGill University took place between the 4th of February and the 11th of March 2015.

I arrived in the afternoon of the 4th February and the first thing that really astonished me was the ability of the plane to land on a completely snow-white landing lane. The softest and coldest landing in my life.


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