by Jessica Nesbit

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Susanne Crewell (Coordinator of ITaRS program):

Training for atmospheric remote sensing: The ITaRS program

Claudia Acquistapace (University of Cologne, Germany):

The detection of autoconversion processes in clouds using ground-based passive and active microwave sensors

Nicolae Ajtai (CNR-IMAA, Italy):

Aerosol-cloud interaction in the twilight zone

Athina Argyrouli (NTUA, Greece):

Cloud-topped Planetary Boundary Layer

Robert Banks (BarcelonaTech, Spain):

Applications of remote sensing for improvement of air quality forecasts over Europe

María Barrera Verdejo (University of Cologne, Germany):

Ground Based Lidar and Microwave Radiometry Synergy for High Vertical Resolution Thermodynamic Profiling

Ioannis Binietoglou(INOE, Romania):

Remote sensing synergies for dust model evaluation

Xinxin Busch Li (University of Cologne, Germany):

The observation of the first aerosol indirect effect on clouds

Pilar Gumà-Claramunt (CNR-IMAA, Italy):

Synergy between Doppler radar and Raman lidar for aerosol investigation

Lev Labzovsky (INOE, Romania):

How does humidity affect aerosols?

Alexander Myagkov (TROPOS, Germany):

35-GHz cloud radar MIRA-35 with hybrid mode

Lukas Pfitzenmaier (TU Delft, the Netherlands):

Why does it rain? Ice particle growth within clouds

Umar Saeed(BarcelonaTech, Spain):

Atmospheric boundary-layer height retrieval using microwave radiometer and lidar sensors: Algorithms and error estimation

Stefanos Samaras (University of Potsdam, Germany):

Microphysical aerosol parameters via regularized inversion of LIDAR data

Sophia Schäfer (University of Reading, UK):

3D cloud-radiation interaction